PSLE 2023 Results Botswana PDF

PSLE 2023 Results Botswana PDF

PSLE 2023 Results Botswana PDF

The PSLE is a national examination that candidates sit for at the end of the seven years of
primary schooling. Candidates are assessed on the completion of the three-year upper
primary curriculum. The examination is intended to be diagnostic to provide candidates and
the schools with information on what has been achieved as well as identify areas of weakness.

Report of Provisional Results – PSLE 2023

1.2.2 Examinations under COVID-19 Conditions
The 2022 examinations were conducted with a lessened threat to COVID-19. The protocols been relaxed and the examinations went on without any challenges.
1.2.3 Incidents during the Examinations
Three (3) types of incidents were recorded during the sitting of the 2022 PSLE, involving six
(6) Centres as shown in Table 1.2. below. All the incidents were administrative in nature, there
was no case of malpractice recorded at this level. The PSLE recorded no case of opening of
wrong question paper packet, which is commendable as this improvement has been noted for
the past two years. There were two (2) cases of break-ins recorded compared to one (1) in
the previous year.
Table 1.2. Incidents recorded at PSLE during examinations
Incident type
No. of
BEC Immediate Response
Break-ins at
The BEC Security Office was informed, and they
were able to establish through the Botswana Police
that the examination papers were not tampered with.
Swapping of
The Centre was advised to be more vigilant with the
remaining components.
Scripts left out
during packaging
after candidates
had written.
The Centres were advised to package the scripts
separately and submit to BEC.
1.3 Marking of Candidates’ Scripts
Marking of PSLE scripts, which was scheduled from 31 October to 13 November 2022, was
staggered over four weeks and was completed on 30 November 2022. The marking was
staggered between two marking venues which were Joyland School in Metsimotlhabe, and
Rainbow School in Gaborone. Marking for Agriculture Paper 1 and English Paper 2 was
conducted from 31 October to 13 November 2022 while Setswana Paper 2 was marked from
16 November to 30 November 2022. The reason for the staggering was because of challenges
with sourcing of marking venues as bidders were not responding to invitation to tenders and
requests for quotations.
A total of 1,069 examiners were engaged to mark the scripts compared to 1,046 in 2021. One
hundred and forty (140) independent checkers were engaged to minimise errors during

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